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Our Promise

Pei Angela Willimann, founder of Viocap AG & 72k brand

“ Natural, high efficacy, well tolerated skin care from Switzerland“

Pei Angela Willimann, founder of 72k

Even in my childhood in China, I discovered two profound passions: music and plants. To me, plants embody the essence of living nature and its transformative abilities.

As a young woman, I journeyed to Switzerland to pursue studies in musicology, media studies, and human-society-environment. During my time in Basel, I worked myself in a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice, where I recognized the immense significance of naturopathy and its pivotal role in alternative medicine.

This journey eventually led me to Artemisia annua, a plant renowned for its unique dermatological properties, extensively researched for over two decades by Dr Rosemarie Sift Carter and Dr Robert Carter, culminating in a worldwide patent for its anti-pigmentation effects.

Drawing upon this foundation, Viocap developed the Artemisia C-08UC Complex®.

Over the course of five years, the 72K Natural Dermato Cosmetics range of products has been meticulously developed.



The natural way to healthy skin and a shield against aging.


High Efficacy

Every product we make focuses on addressing skin concerns and anti-aging.

The Artemisia C-08UC Complex® harnesses the potent properties of the Artemisia annua plant, delivering unparalleled dermatological benefits to protect, repair, and regenerate the skin.

Research and rigorous studies prove our commitment to delivering effective skin care.



We guarantee premium quality – 100% Made in Switzerland. From research and cultivation of the active ingredients to production, every step occurs within Switzerland.

We exclusively collaborate with certified partners who uphold our rigorous quality standards, ensuring trustworthiness in every aspect of our products.



Our natural and organic cosmetics are crafted from 100% natural ingredients. We refrain from using genetically modified organisms, silicones, parabens, microplastics, synthetic fragrances, palm oil, or mineral oils in our formulations.

The ethos of 72k embodies vegan, sustainable products deeply rooted in the Swiss Alps and their precious herbs and medicinal plants. Nature preservation is essential for us.