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Our Story

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“ 72k not only stands for quality, but also for the brand‘s values: Trustworthy, organic and sustainable.”

Pei Angela Willimann, founder of 72k

Even as a child in China, I discovered two great passions: music and plants. For me, plants epitomise animated nature and its transformative power.

As a young woman, I came to Switzerland to study musicology, media studies and human-society-environment. During my studies in Basel, I worked in a TCM practice where I realised the immense importance of naturopathy and its indispensable role in alternative medicine.

I realised that this was the way to treat my own skin problems, which until then I had not been able to solve with any remedy.

The journey eventually led me to the plant Artemisia annua with its unique dermatological properties, researched by Dr Rosemarie Sift Carter and Dr Robert for over 20 years – with a worldwide patent for its anti-pigmentation effects.

Building on this, Viocap developed the active ingredient Artemisia annua C-08UC Complex®, which protects, repairs and regenerates the skin in a unique way.

The 72K Natural Dermato Cosmetics product line was developed on this basis over a period of five years.

As with all of our products, the main focus is on the treatment of skin problems, pigmentation, anti-ageing, etc.

Extensive studies prove the significant effectiveness of 72k products.

72k also stands for quality, trustworthiness, naturalness and sustainability.

Viocap guarantees premium quality – 100% Made in Switzerland. From research and cultivation of the active ingredients to production, everything takes place in Switzerland. We work exclusively with qualified partners to ensure that our products meet strict quality standards.

Our natural and organic cosmetics consist of 100% natural substances derived from nature. When formulating our products, we refrain from using substances from genetically modified organisms, silicones, parabens, microplastics, synthetic fragrances, palm oil and mineral oils.

72k stands for vegan, sustainable products that are closely linked to the Swiss Alps and their valuable herbs and medicinal plants. The preservation of nature is a central concern for us. We accept this challenge and spare no effort to be resource-conserving, animal-friendly and environmentally conscious.

Pei Angela Willimann