Artemisia C-08UC Complex®
for a glowing and healthy skin

protects - regenerates - repairs

demonstrated in clinical studies


100% natural and vegan


developed & produced in Switzerland

Artemisia C-08UC Complex®

a natural power source for the skin and a protective shield against aging

The discovery of the plant Artemisia Annua as the basis for effective anti-malarial remedies was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Subsequent research, published in 2018 in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology, has shown that Artemisia Annua also contains active ingredients with unique therapeutic properties in dermatology.

Artemisia C-08UC Complex® takes advantage of these properties with a special spectrum of skin-relevant and optimally balanced ingredients of the Artemisia plant.

The unique growing conditions in the Swiss Alps have a decisive influence on the active ingredients.


the skin from environmental stress and skin-hostile germs


UV rays and air pollution lead to the formation of free radicals, which attack (oxidize) skin structure and lipids and cause premature skin aging, especially the breakdown of skin matrix components (e.g. collagen and elastin) and moisture loss. The high antioxidant capacity of Artemisia C-08UC Complex® scavenges free radicals and thus counteracts premature skin aging.

Our skin comes into daily contact with skin-hostile germs that can cause skin problems. Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Artemisia C-08UC Complex® acts like a protective shield on the skin and counteracts any inflammation that may have occurred.


through sustainable tightening of the skin matrix


Aging skin loses volume and firmness due to the loss of skin matrix components such as collagen and elastin. This leads to sagging skin and wrinkles.


Studies prove that Artemisia C-08UC Complex® counteracts the loss of collagen and elastin. It stimulates the skin’s regeneration process, plumping it up from the inside like a “bio-filler” and making it appear smoother and firmer.

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by effectively treating a wide range of skin problems


Artemisia C-08UC Complex® counteracts blemished skin. The multi-active ingredients reduce enlarged pores, blackheads or acne and provide a more even skin tone, an improved, smoother complexion – healthier and glowing skin.


by effect on pigment marks, reddened skin (e.g. rosacea) and scars.


Artemisia C-08UC Complex® contains active ingredients that fade pigment marks, spots after inflammation (such as acne) and skin redness. It inhibits excessive formation of the brown skin pigment melanin, reduces skin redness in rosacea by strengthening blood vessels. Artemisia C-08UC Complex® is also suitable for post-treatment of troublesome scars, as it relieves inflammatory processes and tension in scar tissue, minimizing the risk of keloid formation.

moisturizes and nourishes the skin

The natural moisturizing system of the top layer of skin, called Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), ensures a well-moisturized and healthy skin barrier with the skin’s own glycerin and urea, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


Various environmental influences (cold, heat), stress, but also the natural aging process lead to a disturbed skin barrier. The skin dries out, forms cracks and scales, can itch, become red or even inflamed.


Artemisia Annua, a relevant component of the C-08UC complex, contains a balanced amino acid profile, vitamins (A, C, E), minerals (potassium, magnesium) and nourishing oils. It provides the skin with important components for NMF, improves the moisture content of the skin, nourishes it and contributes to an intact skin barrier.

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